A Journey of Our Crab

We feel so lucky to work with great people to execute Crab Anatomy to its best! We went to Cornwall last Easter to spend our holiday with the Wings family. Rob Wing is our fantastic fishmonger in St Mawes, the south coast of Cornwall. He founded The Cornish Fishmonger starting from a fish van and he is now one of the best fishmongers in Cornwall sending fish to all over the UK and also the rest of the world! People know him as Wing of St Maws. He works closely with local fishermen to make sure the fish arrives extra fresh. 

We also had a chance to meet Barney, an excellent fisherman who supplies crabs to The Cornish Fishmonger. We went on his boat together to see how our crabs are caught. Barney has been practicing sustainable fishing for more than 30 years. His crabs are from the beautiful Cornish cove of St Maws. Landing size of the crab is crucial. He measures every single crab to make sure their shells reach a certain length. Otherwise they will be returned back to the sea. This is the beauty of sustainable fishing and we are proud to serve these bad boys. Our crabs will be prepared by very experienced crab pickers and sent straight to us!

Chatdanai Dorkson